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The Study Of Bid Decision System On Fuzzy Math And Artificial Neural Network

Posted on:2004-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125462783Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As the primary operative activity, the tendering and bidding is an activity of consequence. It has important position in the management of the whole enterprise. With the flourishing development of our country's foreign international project and joining WTO, while bringing more developing opportunities to project contract companies of our country, the competition is growing more and more intense too. So it has important realistic meanings for improving bidding level of project Contract Company, and even whole country development of building trade that How to correct the deficiency of tendering and bidding at present of project Contract Company, to put forward a set of feasible decision schemes, to make it not only winning a bid but also reduce the risk, to obtain the greatest benefit,.This article divided the bidding process into two successive steps which are "Bidding Decision" and "Pricing Decision". Based on the large amount of foreign and domestic information about bidding decision methods and the analysis of current theory and models, the thesis firstly studies and summarizes bidding decision developing history and state at present, at the same time analyses current situation of bid decision of our country, then put forward important meaning of subject study.The goal of "Bidding Decision" is to decide whether to bid, various elements of influencing the bidding decision are analyzed, the Bidding Decision Model is promoted according to the functions and characters of fuzzy Comprehensive valuing and artificial neural network. The thesis details the essential ideas and operation of the model.the goal of "Pricing Decision" is to offer a competitive mark-up, Through comparing the drawbacks of different methods, the thesis brings forward the feasibility of application of fuzzy neural network to "Pricing Decision", then, "Pricing Decision Model" is advanced. The construction, algorithm and its deficiency of the model are deeply expounded, and concrete project instance is used to prove the dependability of the model.Finally, Founded on above analysis, Expert System of Bidding Decision is promoted. The four modules of the Expert System are introduced and the working process is described using sketch map. Foundation of the system consummates the whole process decision and have academic and realistic meaning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bidding Decision, Pricing Decision Fuzzy Comprehensive valuing, Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Neural Network, Expert System
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