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Research On The Major Technic Of Remanufacturing

Posted on:2006-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L W XieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152970696Subject:Carrier Engineering
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We produce a lot of productions with development of human being and advancement of technology. At the same time, people are in the tragedy of environmental worsening. During producing and consuming we continually get and discard productions, while we barely think about the result to human being. If we regard the life cycle of a production as a system, the input (resource and energy) will pollute environment and exhaust the resource, and the output (waster) will break the nature. Now the environmental problems that people are confronted with are all related with productions. We should think over that the activity of human being has an effect on environment, and consider the continual development stratagem. So the manufactural and design methods, which consider resource and energy, are paid more attention to and gotten farter development as manufacturing's more and more attention to environmental behavior.Remanufacturing is the technology that accords with the continual development stratagem. The used and discarded waste can be resumed just like new one. Additionally the functional characteristic and durability are at the same level of new productions. Life cycle characteristic model of remanufacturing productions, remanufacturing characteristic's general assessment of a production, pivotal technics during remanufacturing, management of remanufacturing enterprise, strategy of remanufacturing development are discussed in this paper.In this paper, it says that remanufacturing can carry out the more life cycles of productions and the life cycle characteristic model of remanufacturing productions is built up based on life cycle assessment, the theory about circular manufacture and remanufacture.Build up a full remanufacturing characteristic's assessment of a production by synthesizing, adjusting and complementing two kinds of remanufacturing characteristic's assessment of a production. And analyze the economic situation of remanufacturing production in this paper. All of these can provide directive ideals for succedent work.An example of engine remanufacturing in Shanghai Volkswagen united Ltd power assembly filiale is given. Tacking into account the example, the technics of discarding, cleanout, repair in process of remanufacturing is analyzed. Someimproving suggestion is pointed out based on experiment of cleanout.At last, aimed at uncertainness in management of remanufacturing enterprise, remanufacturing virtual enterprise and remanufacturing reverse logistics are put forward in this paper. Furthermore, building remanufacturing center as a demonstrating project and some strategy of remanufacturing development are also brought forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Remanufacturing, Life cycle assessment, technics, reverse logistics, virtual enterprise
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