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Extort A Confession By Torture Ration Is It Study To Determine The Nature

Posted on:2005-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The thesis summary extorts a confession by torture as a kind of legal phenomenon, exist for a long time at all times and in all lands, with social progress, development of human civilization, extort a confession by torture already proclaimed in writing to forbid country, and is stipulated for the criminal offence by criminal law . Because it has not only deviated from the trend of running the country according to law but also contrary to the modern criminal suit idea , it is one of the mains sign with backward administration of justice. In our country, extort a confession by torture and remain incessant after repeated prohibition, has already become the problem that the criminal judicial activity can't be avoided and " persisten ailment" demanding prompt solution. It is on the realistic micro aspect that this text has a foothold —To some at the basic level public security men first line on extort a confession by torture and take place policeman situation investigate, area of western Hunan,, obtain get a large amount of relevant data and information through questionnaire and interview . launch ration determine the nature law is analysed on this basis, attempt in order to peep one spot afford to see overall picture, announce its relation with public security men's social demographic characteristic and legal quality , there are the characteristic, practice validity, condition.etc. exist, have analysed psychological characteristics andbehavior characteristic that public security men extort a confession by torture emphatically. Put forward the countermeasure and suggestion as to how to contain and extort a confession by torture...
Keywords/Search Tags:Extort a confession by torture, Run the country according to law, Human rights of the guarantee, Silence right
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