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The Research On Our Country's Logistics Industry Based On SCP Analytical Method

Posted on:2006-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152987426Subject:Industrial Economics
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Compared to the development of logistics industry in our country, scholars in our country focus less on the research of the logistics industrial organization, structure and market performance at present. The optimization goal and tactics of logistics industrial organization is the direct basement of government drafting logistics industry developing tactics and of logistics enterprise making developing strategies. This research mainly put eyes on the analysis and discussions of our country's logistics market structure, enterprises' conduct and operational performance on the macroscopic and real example by industry's life cycle theory and industrial organization theory.Based on the document research, the research carries on the comparative analysis with U.S.A., Japan logistics industry to the logistics industry of our country. From the viewpoint of the industry development, the research uses the relevant theory of industry's economics to analyse the developing period during the economic life cycle of logistics industry in our country, which has summarized the current situation of the development of the logistics industry of our country. Then, the research analyzes the current situation of ourcountry's logistics industrial organization through studying our country's logistics industry's market structure, enterprise conduct, operational performance and gets the results that the current situation of our country's logistics industrial organization is: atomic market structure which has low market centralizing, product distinguishable degree and low entering barrier, high drawing-back barrier; the main pricing pattern is based on cost, and there is few difference concerning to logistics services. There is obviously enterprise merge and alliance strategy. Resource distribution efficiency, structure efficiency and the engineering level of logistics industry of our country, are still in lower levels.This research uses the listed firms of logistics industry in China as empirical objects. The theme of this research is to explore the influence of market structure, behavior and operating risks on operational performance. This research picks 64 companys in logistics industry as empirical sample. The sampling period is from 2000 to 2003. By use of the Eviews statistics software, the panel data are formed, which are put into the fixed effect and random effect approach to be verified. The empirical part mainly analyses 8 listed company of logistics, 12 port and container listed company, 5-ocean transportation listed company, 9 airport and aviation listed company. The empirical results are as follows: enterprises Occupation rate ofmarket, total value of the assets, R&D expenses, cost advantage, turnover rate of stock all have significantly positive effect on operating performance. On the other hand, asset-liabilities rate , turnover rate of account receivable have significantly negative effect on operating performance.The research get the conclusion that, firstly, Logistics Company should rely on the regional industry caster. Secondly, logistics enterprises should pay more attention to merge and alliance strategies. Thirdly our country should develop the logistics industry in the way of policy guidance + infrastructure development + key element innovation, which take great influence to our country logistics industry development in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics, Logistics Industry, Industry life cycle, SCP, Panel Data, Fixed effect model, Random effect model
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