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Legal Difficulties In The Development Of Logistics Industry In China And Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2013-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today, economic globalization has become the trend of the development of world economy. A country’s economy can not develop without the support of the world economy, in order to keep up with the pace of the development of world economy and use the driving force of the international economy to promote the development of our country’s economy, our country needs timely to change the mode of the development of the economy, and constantly use the advanced economies of the world model to support the development of the national economy. Advanced developed countries found logistics as the third profit source in the continuous exploration of the mode of economic development. Since after the election of the logistics industry in the international arena, it quickly developed into all aspects of economic life and has become an important new driving force of economic growth.Because of backward development status in China, the logistics in China is relatively late and has not its own research and practical experience, so we learn foreign developed countries’ advanced, mature theories of logistics, finally lead to the lack of innovation. Due to the development of logistics in China is not base on our development status, with its rapid development, the theoretical research and development challenges continue to emerge, which seriously affected its further development. In the first half of2011, the prices of commodity including agricultural soared, this anomaly focused the whole society on the logistics industry that gravely ill. Excessive tolls, unreasonable collection of taxes, the lack of law’s and policy’s support and so on, these problems reduce the driving force of the logistics industry in the role in promoting economic development.The law plays a vital role in the development of China’s economy. however, the logistics industry in China compared with the developed countries’, it is lack of legal norms and sophisticated logistics legal environment, so ultimately these problems result in deep legal plight of China’s logistics industry. So far, the construction of China Logistics legal system lags, the legal environment of our logistics development needed has not formed. Imperfect market access standards of logistics operators in the market competition result in a quite mixed bag of logistics operators and mixed confusion logistics market competition, it is not conducive to the establishment of normal competition mechanism in the logistics industry. Compared with foreign advanced concept of logistics development, the development of China’s logistics industry is still stuck on a traditional model, many logistics operators mainly are engaged in the transportation, storage, it can not provide integrated logistics services and not build the establishment of the logistics industry standardization. The lack of specialized legal support for our logistics contract, logistics disputes to resolve lack of the support of legal mechanisms, the unreasonable collection of taxes in logistics industry, the construction of logistics Standardization lagged. These problems have hindered the healthy and rapid development of China’s logistics industry. In order to truly promote the development of China’s economy, we need to solve those problems, and to create healthy and improve the external legal environment to help them out of the legal difficulties.This paper analyzes the legal difficulties in the logistics industry in China, and combined with advanced logistics legislative concepts and practices of the United States and Japan, we discussed many problems that exist in the legal system of China’s logistics, such as the legislative level, legislative conflicts, legal vacuum and so on, we finally make many specific recommendations for improvement. Around the logistics industry. I analyzes the legal status of the logistics operators and legal liability, legal issues in the logistics of tax system, the logistics standardization. Finally I put forward specific suggestions for the above problems in order to solve our legal issues that exist in the logistics industry and help our logistics out of legal difficulties, and promote its healthy and rapid development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics legislation, Logistics Operators, Legal status, Tax and feecollection system of logistics, Standardization of logistics
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