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Research On The Land Resources Ecological Compensation Legal System

Posted on:2012-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335470945Subject:Environment and Natural Resources Protection Act
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Land is the basic material of human existence and the object of labor. The core of achieving social and economic sustainable development is to maintain the sustainable use of land.China is scarce in land resources.Land contamination, desertification, land salinization, soil erosion is also serious.These problems are bound up with the lack of effective legal safeguard. At this stage, the ecological compensation mechanism of land resources is so deficient that land resources do not play fully role in optimizing the allocation of resources, maintaining and achieving the sustainable use of land in the practice of social life. Therefore, we need to research the ecological compensation mechanism of land resources carefully and thereby improve the mechanism, build a sound ecological compensation legal system of land resources, improve the land resources, promote agricultural development and achieve the goal of of economic development and environmental protection coordination .This paper discusses from the narrow concept of land resources. On the basis of explaining the concept of ecological compensation of land resources and discussing the necessity of building the ecological compensation systems of land resources, and from the current situation of China's land resources, this article presents the idea of developing and improving the ecological compensation legal systemof land resources. The first part of this paper sums up the definition of ecological compensation of land resources by concluding the iews of scholars. Ecological compensation of land resources is to compensate the losses for soil pollution, land resources, ecological destruction and others, and is a means to achieve economic, environmental and social harmony. The second part of this paper discusses the theoretical basis of the legal system from various angles. The specific contents are as follows: the basic theory of economics including the theory of externalities and public goods theory, environmental ethics theory including the Ecocentrism and natural value theory, legal basis theories includeing the Justice value theory and the theory of rights consistent with obligations, Sustainable Development theory. The third part of this paper analyses the legislative situation of the system and points out the problems of China's ecological compensation mechanism of land resources. The fourth part of the paper proposes specific recommendations to build the ecological compensation system.First,we must perfect our existing laws and regulations; Second, the legislative principle of ecological compensation system of land resources must be cleared; Finally, we will probe from the subject of compensation, compensation standards, management system and relief system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land resources, Ecological compensation, Compensation subject, Compensation methods, Compensation standard
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