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Nationalist Traditions Of De Gaulle's Diplomacy

Posted on:2006-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nationalism has essential influences upon the nation-state, and the forming and the developing of the nation-state systems. The diplomacy of the nation-state needs to be explained from the nationalist angle. Each different social system can be established under the goal of nationalism; while influencing the diplomacy of a country, it is both deep and surficial, complicated and direct.The unique experience of the diplomacy of France and the evolution of its nationalism, since modern times, constructs the historical basis and the foundation of De Gaulle's doctrine. De Gaulle's doctrine, which is composed of safeguarding national independence and state sovereignty, trying to realize the big -country status of France, reflects in the East and west relations, European constructions, as well as the relations with the third world countries. The core of the doctrine of De Gaulle lies in French nationalism. While preventing and leading European unity, contending the United States, obtaining the right of handling Germany, the doctrine of De Gaulle demonstrates nationalist contradictions. Decolonization policies lead France the old brand colonist country to gain a seat in the new world patterns.De Gaulle's doctrine is adaptable to the developing tendencies of France and Europe as well as that of the world also and plays an active preventing role however it is difficult to have greater accomplishments, owing to the hegemonist factors in its nationalist traditions, which were suffered boycotts and oppositions of partner countries. France's diplomacy, after De Gaulle, does not basically break away from the general diplomatic policies by De Gaulle, which helps France often play a unique part in international relations.
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