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Researches On De Gaulle's Balanced-diplomatic Strategy

Posted on:2003-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092460112Subject:International Relations
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De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic Strategy is in fact the particular utilization of the thought of balance in practices, so it is also called "the diplomatic strategy of power balance". This strategy refers to De Gaulle's macroscopic grasping of the basic problem that how to seek France's national interests in maxim degree under the USA-Soviet Union's power balance system. It also refers to how France carried out the general program with which France itself took part in diplomatic activity according to De Gaulle's strategy. Power balance theory, as a very influential theory in international politics has been developed by many diplomats and practitioners in history from both theoretical side and practical side. Till today, there are still many people who praise this theory highly.Specifically speaking, De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic strategy embodies in the following two sides: seen from the point of view of theoretical value, it makes the connotation more plentiful than the similar kind of strategies beforehand; another, concerning the practical value of this theory, the utilization of diplomatic strategy of power balance to sustain national interests is the right strategy that can be chosen to put into practice at proper time when strong power politics and hegemonies still flood on political stage.Scholars abroad (Especially European and American scholars), on one hand study the power balance theory from the point of view of absolute national interests. When they were studying this theory, they considered pragmatism the home to return to and utilized the thought of strong power politics to lead the direction of study. Their study had turned synthetical theory and had reached a high level. But on the other hand, people who study De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic strategy fromthe point of view of power balance are less. In our China, with regard to the study of power balance theory, it still remains the introducing and criticizing layer on European and American scholars' views. The people who study De Gaulle's diplomatic strategy form power balance point of view are even less.To be comprehensive in analyzing the gains and loses and the prophets of development about De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic strategy, this paper proceeds the discussion detailed from the following three sides: incisive analysis of the necessity and feasibility of De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic strategy; comprehensive discussion of the specific practices of De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic strategy; and the summarization of De Gaulle's Balanced-Diplomatic Strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:De Gaulle, Balanced-Diplomatic Strategy, National Independence, Great Power Status, USA-Soviet Union relations
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