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Positive Analysis On Shaanxi Economic Growth And Industrial Structure

Posted on:2006-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Economic growth means the continuous growing of a country's gross national product and throughput under sufficient employment. And now economic growth is the most important issue to the government, public and economists. In general, economic growth rests with the right collocation of labor, capital and technology. And industrial structure determines the effect of the resource collocation to a great extent. So, in the long-term economic growth depends on the industrial structure's upgrading. On the other hand, economic growth leads to the upgrade of the property structure.Quicken the economic structure adjustment and industrial structure upgrade is the key issue to Chinese economic continuous growing. So it is necessary not only from the outside environment but also the inside developing.This paper starts from the statistic data from national statistic bureau and bases on the qiannali's industrial structure upgrading theory. Except the Introduction, this paper includes four chapters. The first chapter is the whole paper's theoretical base; in this part the paper gives the study status of economic growth theory and property structure theory. In the second part, after analyzes Shaanxi capital and labor's marginal product, it brings forward a hypothesis that Shaanxi economic growth was drove by capital. And in the following statistic regression analysis, it is concluded Shaanxi production function was AK Function. After giving liangtifu's function of product per person and capital per person, it finds that increasing 1 unit capital, GDP increase 0.4 unit product. From this conclusion, in the third chapter the article analyzes Shaanxi industrial structure which is in poor situation especially agriculture. In the following regression, it is found that from 1952 to 1975, agriculture contributes the most proportion to the GDP, but from 1975 to 2003, industry contributes the most proportion to the economic growth. So in the future developing, Shaanxi economic growth should focus on developing industry and service field. And because Shaanxi advantage in higher education, it is a shortcut to improve the labors' diathesis in order to quicken the economic growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shaanxi economic growth, industrial structure, growth driven by capital, industrialization
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