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Dynamic And Multi-objective Programming Method For Land Sustainable Utilization

Posted on:2006-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155455296Subject:Environmental Engineering
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Land is the irreplaceable substantial foundation upon which the mankind can survive. Land sustainable utilization is an essential aspect to the sustainable development of human society since it acts as a hinge in interrelation among population, resource and environment. With population's growth, economic and social development, Demands for land increase dramatically and the conflict between human and land becomes more and more conspicuous; Land resource has become the "bottleneck" that restricts whole development of national economy and improvement of people's welfare. Thus, regional sustainable development should aim at strengthening land resource management and optimizing land resources allocation.A model of Dynamic and Multi-objective Programming Method for Land Sustainable Utilization was set by applying dynamic optimum programming theory and adopting multi-objective genetic algorithm and multi-objective fuzzy separately. All components in the model were structured based on carefully analyzing land utilization system including time arrays, land use pattern variable, the optimizing goal and the restriction condition. Furthermore, those methods such as natural growth rate, linear regression and grey GM (1,1) were employed to predict parameters relevant to the model. The optimizing results gained from multi-objective genetic algorithm, Pareto solutions, continues to be handled through fuzzy dynamic optimum, seeking optimum planning decision array in combining with the principle of maximum dominance.It can be proved that cutting a long time series into time slice makes the land utilization programming model more flexible enough to overcome the limitation of the old static programming model that usually lacks of dynamic informational. The Pareto solutions from genetic algorithm can offer more chance for the decision-maker to select. The optimizing result in previous time slice acts as the current restriction (which also called market economy -estriction) to conducive to programming in follow-up step, which can...
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-bojective, land sustainable utilization, genetic algorithm, fuzzy dynamic planning
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