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Research Of Land Resources Utilization And Land Assets Management In County Region

Posted on:2004-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125456943Subject:Human Geography
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Through the investigation of the actuality of land utilization and land asset, the change of land utilization in Tumote Zuo Banner, the question of land utilization is pointed out, and the way of land utilization and the management of land asset is put forward, which is the basis of constituting land policy and adjusting land plan, and the aim is to realize the land utilization and the management of land asset and to promote the increase of economy strength. Some indexes are analysed with GIS and the method of system dynamics.There are many tapes of land utilization, land is effectively used and cultivated land occupies 40.98% of total area. There are plentiful plough resources and high reclaimation rate of it. Soil is middle qualified land and it' s natural productive forces is high.Regional difference of land use is obvious. During 1992-2002,cultivated land was wavely decreased and building land has become the mostly cause of the decreasing of plough. Wood land drcreased because it came to become cultivated land , town land ,higy way and water area. Grassland also decreased remarkably.The town, industrial and mining sitesand traffic land are expanded unceasingly. There is evident regional difference in dynamic change of land. The driving cause of the change of land utilization is population growth, development of economy, urbenizating, the adjustment of the national macroscopical economy policy, profit-driving activity, and natural factors.The question of land utilization is that the extent of land utilization is different, the process of agriculture producing wastes seriously, there are many land degeneration such as water erosion, wind erosion and soil pollution. The improper utilization of water resource resulted in soil salinization, the dynamic investigation of land utilization is not in season. The problems of land asset management are that the national land market is not rational, and the flow of land asset is serious. It comes that the remising, attorning and hiring of collectivity land for nonagricultural use. Some land is left unused and wasted.The way of land rational utilization and the management of land asset in Tumote Zuo Banner is that implementing national land policy and sustainable developing strategy, making and enforcing the overall plan of land use, realizing the rule of the land use management, strengthening the program of ecological construction and enforcement, building the rule of land investigation, monitoring and forewarning system, progressing the region-diviing utilization of land, developing market disposition of land resources and realizing the management of land asset,and actively exerting the ways of law. Social economic sustainable, fast and healthy development of the banner can be achieved by rational use and effective protection of land resources. The research can be offered as some reference of land use and management to other counties and banners in Inner Mongolia.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tumote Zuo Banner, use of land resources, land assets, dynamic change of land utilization, the layout of land utilization
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