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A Study On Sustainable Development Of Animal Husbandry In Wetland Protection Of Sanjiang Plains

Posted on:2006-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155457405Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Since Reforming and Opening, animal husbandry of Heilongjiang province has developed rapidly, and played an important role in satisfying market demand, improving life quality, promoting farmers' employment and income, realizing agricultural industrialization restructuring. Animal husbandry has become backbone industry of Heilongjiang. As an important producting area of animal products, Sanjiang Plains has boosted the optimization process of agricultural industrialization restructuring and regional economic development.At the same time, there exists abundant wetland resource in Heilongjiang province, Among which Sanjiang Plains is also the largest wetland in China. But in Sanjiang Plains, quality of the ecological environment has been deteriorating and the land has been degraded during the past decades because of over exploitation.Consequently, in order to ensure the sustainable development of wetland resource, environment and social economy and secure sustainable utilization of wetland resource, the local government strengthened wetland protection of Sanjiang Plains. This act also has effects on local animal husbandry development. To prompt coordinated development of environment protection and animal husbandry has become urgent. In this article the author analyzed not only the status of the ecological environment, general situation of wetland resource and animal husbandry in Sanjiang Plains but also the effect of wetland protection on animal husbandry development. Then the author discussed undertaken measures to deal with ecological environment protection and sustainable development of animal husbandry in order to reveal the relationship of wetland protection and animal husbandry development and finally put forward proposals on the sustainable developmental opportunity of animal husbandry on the protected wetland in Sanjiang Plains.Though wetland protection greatly benefits ecological environment, it has negative effects on animal husbandry, production and daily life of local farmers. Similarly, there exists rather serious conflict between the wetland protection and animal husbandry development of Sanjiang plains, as a consequence of which sustainable development must be adopted for animal husbandry development of Sanjiang plains. According to different characteristics of local resources and rules of market economy, the animal husbandry development shall introduce husbandry of forest bird, water bird as duck and goose, hog and poultry, vegetarian livestock and tourism animal husbandry. At the same time great efforts shall be paid on transition of production mode and increasing production level and commodity rate of animal husbandry industry with full consideration of economic, social and ecological benefits. While enforcing wetland protection the government shall also adopt proper supporting policies for ecological animal husbandry development, animal husbandry production mode and declining of local farmers' income in the short term.
Keywords/Search Tags:SanJiang Plains, Wetland protection, Animal husbandry, Sustainable development
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