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Technological Product Application In Animal Husbandry Sustainable Development

Posted on:2006-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today, animal husbandry become one of the chief parts of farm economy and one chief channel of farmer's income. But epidemic diseases seriously obstruct the development of livestock farming. Epidemic disease lead not only to animal death, reducing poultry productivity, raising product cost, but also to reducing stock product quality, affecting meat safety. It is also easy to cause public health incidents, social panic. Animal epidemic disease situation suggest that the outburst of animal epidemic diseases have grave outcome and great losses. The mishaps of international high-risk diseases such as Highly pathogenic avian influenza, mad cow disease, mouth-foot disease had grave disastrous impact on countries concerned, and it affect people's life and social security. It is a fact that proper use of-is one of the most effective route to control and eliminate animal epidemic diseases.With agricultural publication methods, public health, public policy and administration theories, Brucellosis M5-90 's application in Shanxi is analysised. The paper also break down its effect on Shanxi stock industry and its economic benefits. Besides, the importance of animal bio-products in epidemic protection is states. At the same time, problems of bio-products application and its counter-measures are figured out. The measures include: under the direction of publication theories, to establish necessary storage, promote publication and training, enhance communication with farmers, exercise government supervision, guide farmers to absorb new technologies and new products, In addition, farmer's habits and needs are supposed to be known in the course of application. The chain publication system of government creating conditions, enterprise producing products, department paving the road, farmer getting profits is set up.
Keywords/Search Tags:animal husbandry, veterinary mddicine, animal bio-products, Brucellosis
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