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Country Ggovernance Expands In Basic Regime Democracy Construction: A Kind Of Concept And Actives Of Political Civilization

Posted on:2005-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155457848Subject:Public Management
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"Three Agriculture" is the political problem in nature, the reason is not it may result in political crisis, but farmers defined all problems of "Three Agriculture" as weak force position of the value distribution. So country skeleton regime construction and democracy developing are the key part to resolve "Three Agriculture" problems. This article approves it, and exhibits the actual scene of "Three Agriculture" in integrate: the country reform is farmers' democracy and independent economic benefit regression, innovate freedom and developing; another facet is that the debt of history system is apportioned to farmers at the same time. The article forms a view that the property right defect makes the operating cost for country under "Pressure Type" system reduced, it can apportion the cost after expand to farmers through farmer burden, land expropriate and soft regime, in another words the control increased formally. The article brings forth that restrict country needs system resolving, needs a force to make the chance cost bigger when operating. This force is from the sanction of property firstly, that is the common volition of law, second is farmers' independent-governance. The article points out that the single farmer or single organization can't confront with country opportunism actives, only systematic "Independent-governance Net" can form holistic force; so organize farmer is not enough, the key is that farmers should form systematic "Independent-governance Net" to change the existing weak position. The article considered that is the meaning of country governance. It gives out a definition of country governance and tries to uncover the content and operating mechanism of "Independent-governance Net", obtains some clew, they are:1. The traditional farmer leeches on to monarchism and depends on bureaucratism; his weak position obtains from the person depend relation in political. To the modern farmer, the weak position breaks up with the regime democratization construction. But the defect of property to make the broken fragment be stickup through farmer burden, land expropriate and soft regime, the un-perfect property system clears up the result of regime...
Keywords/Search Tags:Country governance, Country basic regime construction, Country basic democracy, Political civilization, Country land system
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