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Study The Moral Building Of Leading Cadre

Posted on:2006-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155468598Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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It is essential to have a group of leading cadres with high moral making in order to enhance the Party's capacity building in administration, to improve the arts of leadership and abilities of administration, to achieve the goal of ensuring our people of a relative comfortable life. The moral building of leading cadres counts for the implementation of the Party's guidelines and policies, for the overall situation of social reform, development and security and for the well-being of local mass. This article targets on profoundly analyzing the status quo, existing problems, summing up the characteristics and rules of moral building of leading cadre in the new period, presenting the personal opinions on selecting proper time for decision-making and reducing administrative cost, and making policy recommendations on enhancing and improving the moral building and innovation of leading cadres from such perspectives as content, approaches, formats, methodologies, measures and mechanism. This article points out, it is the Central Committee of the Party's consistent governing guideline and strategy as well as the essential point of social development to enhance the moral building of the leading cadres, which centers on building up correct outlook on world, life and values. The leading cadres of the Party should earnestly practice the communist ethnics, work for the benefits of the public and serve the people heart and soul. The article makes full reasoning on the impacts on theory and practice of moral building of leading cadres made by the Chinese traditional ethnics, classical writers of Marxism and the several generations of the leading groups of the Party. It also makes objective analysis on the status quo and its causes of the Party's moral building in the current stage. It is also indicated by the article that, corruption arises occasionally among the leading cadres, a few party members areflexuous in ideas and belief, decadent in outlook of life, values and ethnics and their ethnic consciousness deteriorates. We must learn the lessons from the disaggregations of the former Soviet Union and bear it in mind that, the longer the administration period is, the more important it is to enhance the moral building of leading cadres. Targeting on the current national conditions of China, it is put forward that the moral building of the leading cadres must absorb and use for reference all outstanding achievements of human political civilization, take all the possible education approaches to enhance the moral education of leading cadres in terms of belief, objectives, outlook of political achievements, abilities of administration, honesty and diligence. It is also necessary to enhance the institutional development of disciplining leading cadres themselves and other people, to perfect the internal, administrative, legal, public and media supervision in order to resist the invasion of the money worship, hedonism, extreme individualism and comiptive lifestyles and make the leading cadres capable of sustaining the test of power, money and beauties. It is expected that the study in this article can provide the leading cadres in the new period with some enlightenment.
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