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Economics Perspective On The Quality Of Assets Appraisal In China

Posted on:2006-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F F JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155952179Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Assets appraisal of our country develops gradually under the constant deepening of Reform and Opening-up and socialist market economy system. It plays an important role in speeding asset's flow, advancing property right's exchange, ensuring all the interrelated people's legal rights, etc. Under more than ten years of developing, Assets appraisal of our country has became the vigorous component in indispensable socialist market economy. Meanwhile, because assets appraisal result influences the economic benefits of the property righter directly, assets appraisal quality receives extensive concern from the administrative department and the public more and more, it has become the hot question in recent years. Assets appraisal quality is not only the key problem of influencing the healthy development of assets appraisal industry, but the important social concern of ensuring the whole social economic order to carry on in order. The text analyzes the profound reason on the low quality of assets appraisal in terms of economics basing on the reality of our country's assets appraisal, the aim of this is to offer the decision basis on improving the current situation and assets appraisal quality. This text divides into five parts. The first part is the summary of assets appraisal quality, it puts forward the concept of assets appraisal quality proceeding with general product quality and service quality's concept and according to the particularity of the assets appraisal, it also analyzes the characteristics of assets appraisal quality, all this establish the foundation for studying further. The second part is theoretical foundation of researching assets appraisal quality, it analyzes the relevant theories in economics analyses of assets appraisal quality and the feasibility of game theory, market supply and demand theory and cost-effective analyses method applied in assets appraisal quality which offers theoretical basis. The third part is the reality analyses of assets appraisal quality, according to a large number of data investigated and collected and using the real example analyze method, the text analyzes the current situation of assets appraisal quality in our country and points out the key problem which cause the low level of assets appraisal quality. The fourth part is the economics analysis of assets appraisal quality, this part use the game theory to analyze the chess match among the supervision department of assets appraisal, appraisal institutions, assets appraiser and customer, it also proposes that under present environment the basic reason which make the low quality of assets appraisal is that appraisal agency institutions and assets appraiser in inferior position status. This part uses market supply and demand theory to analyze present situation of our country's assets appraisal market and points out the objective causes producing the quality...
Keywords/Search Tags:Assets appraisal quality, Game theory, Supply and demand theory, Cost-benefit analysis
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