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The Chosen Behavior Of The Returned Rural Women Labor

Posted on:2007-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the mid of 1980's, the youth in the countryside of China started their out-migration to the city and the industry-developed area .About 1/3 of the out-migrants are women, they flowed between the city and the countryside. There were a part of women who chose returning to the country from the city, this paper, which selects those women as object, will explore the chosen behavior of the returned rural women labor. Considering the choice of marriage, work and habitation, author illustrates their future goal and plan .The paper takes the qualitative approach including literature, structural case interview and observation method to carry the analysis on. Most of the literature about the returned migrants focused on their characteristic, few of them carry the analysis on from the perspective of feminism, which is the very angle this paper will use. Because the chosen village is in north Anhui, those women will reflect the typical cultural background of north Anhui. This paper divides the returned rural women to two groups: the married women and the unmarried women. This paper will separately explore the marriage of the unmarried women and the work and the habitation of the married women.This study, which bases on weak embeddedness schema, will illustrate the interaction of the two parts which are the returned rural women labor and the macro social structure. The macro social structure mainly includes: the present characteristic of the dual system of the rural and urban areas and the rural traditional social gender standard. Recently in Fuyang city, a series of policies are carried out so that the dual system has being changed. Now these policies bring some good effects on those rural women who moved to Fuyang city. The rural traditional social gender standard makes many effects on female in many aspects including the expectation of education, migration, work opportunity, etc. The returned unmarried women have more independent rights about their choice of marriage. They start to realize that they are independent individuals, not the accessory of the marriage. Not limited on the agriculture, various kinds of work, from business to handwork, have been...
Keywords/Search Tags:Return Migration, Returned Unmarried Women, Returned Married Women, Weak Embeddedness Schema
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