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Investigation On Issues About Oversea Elites Who Returned To China In1950s

Posted on:2013-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330374460490Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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For various reasons, there has been an outflow of talent brain-drain ever since the publishing ofChinese Reforming and Opening-up policy. However when looking back on the history, we found that thereare still delightful deeds of intellectuals coming back from overseas and contribute to the development ofnew China. There were continuous rushes of oversea students returning to their motherland in1950s, wheneffort was severely needed in construction of the new country. They made outstanding contribution todevelopment in every field.Through investigating the change in mentality of those returned oversea students as well as theirspiritual experience when making decisions about leaving or stay, I seek to find out the encouragingpolicies from the government and also the outstanding contribution they made to the country. Bysystematically summarizing the experience of that historical period of time, we are then able to generatemore practical and applicable guidelines in attracting more successful oversea elites to launch into theconstruction of our country.In the first place, general information of the returned intellectuals was summarized. Then I try toanalyze the three "returning rushes", including the reasons and the approach they took in order to comeback. In the next place, reason of their returning to their motherland was explored. Fourthly, theoutstanding contribution of oversea students are comprehensively collected, summarized and analyzed,including specializations such as agriculture, industry, scientific education, national defense and so forth.Last but not least, CCP's experience in calling back the overseas intellectuals in the1950s is summarized,including the emphasis of the important role of knowledge in the process of construction and usingpatriotism as the cohesion. In the new era, more efforts need to be put on finding out what kind of measuresin order to attract more experts, such as providing utmost care and etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:1950s, Returned intellectuals, Returning to work
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