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The Statement Of Non-Governmental Organization In The Visual Field Of Administrative Law

Posted on:2007-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X HuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185951088Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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From the late 20th century, not only Euro-American nations which believe in free economy, but also some Asia nations which are carrying on economic reforms are influenced by a kind of reforming wave. Which opens a new time. Economic crisis, finance crisis, management legitimacy crisis, government overloading and lowly administrative efficiency make people investigate in practice and theories. During the efforts, the same experiences are: to reduce the power of government;to let the limited government resource be applied in the most necessary field;to take the non-governmental organization's functions in social life, and make them undertake some responsibilities which belong to government.As one of the methods to solve problems of government and market, non-governmental organization is valued in practice and theories. The thesis is based on theories and practice which the author makes. It's the author's investigations over non-governmental orgnization from a visaul field of Administrative Law. The article emphasize to research and analyse non-governmental organization's condition, duties and actions in Administrative law. And how to restrict non-governmental organization in Administrative law. The author hope that people in public law can renew the traditional opinions in non-governmental organization and expand the research scope of non-governmental organization during the research.The literary uses the comparative, practice and sociology research methods to study non-governmental organization. Chapter 1 introduce the concept, features, scope of non-governmental organization. Distinguish non-governmental organization and the relative concepts. And analyse objectively the problems in non-governmental organization's scope. Chapter 2 analyse the cause of non-governmental organization's appearance. And introduce the development and present condition of non-governmental organization in our country and in the other coutries. Chapter 3 analyse the condition, duties and actions of non-governmental organization in Administrative law. Chapter 4 discuss how to restrict non-governmental organization in Administrative law, including: the necessities and possiblities of Administrative law restriction to non-governmental organization, the basises and principles of Administrative law restriction to non-governmental organization, the present conditions of Administrative law restriction to non-governmental organization and the perfective measures of Administrative law restriction to non-governmental organization.Through the thesis, the author think that the appearance and development of non-governmental organization are inevitable. The establishing and operation of non-governmental organization involve many Administrative law problems which not only enrich the research field of Administrative law , but also challenge Administrative law. Wemust face these problems bravely. We must change our methods. We must renew our thought.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative law, Non-govemmental organization, Theories research
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