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Study On Legislative Process Democratization

Posted on:2007-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In modern society, the democracy has already become a kind of value system and principle of public life. However in west, the people favor in understanding the meaning of democracy from angle of the experience and the demonstration, define it as a set of the logical perfect procedure, which is easy to see from all kinds of democratic theory. In contrast, the national scholars regard it as a value goal and the entity pursuing, which are not conducive to the democratization of specific procedures.Correcting the improper orientation to meaning of democracy, this dissertation discusses the democratization of legislative process in detail on basis of the correct idea. Through comparative study abroad, it is easy to see that our legislative process lapses from democratic idea in many ways, which will be expatiated in following chapter.Chapter I discusses shortcoming in legislative plan making and drafting law process during the legislative prepare process first. At the same time, give the author's suggestion.Chapter II mainly discusses some content about the system of proposing legislative bill in our country now. For example, the subject having proposal right are not extensive. Many legal subject's right are all virtual, especially representative's right. The office's process of proposing bill is not democratic, etc.Chapter III mainly introduces the rule of speaking in foreign Parliament, because distribution to the right of speaking is the hallmark of the review process of democratization. Comparing to abroad, it found that there are not the review process in convention in our country and the committee's process of revising bill is not democratic, which deviate to the ideal of democracy.Chapter IV explains all kinds of shortcoming on the vote and publishing for the bill in our current legislative process.At the same time, this dissertation describes the issues of civic engagement in legislation by the way, because it is an inevitable requirement of the legislative process of democratization, which is also major deficiency of our legislative process.Our legislative process is based on our current system of the National People's Congress, so the relevant aspects of the democratic reform have to agree with the...
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