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Transformation Of Government Functions And A Socialist Harmonious Society Construction

Posted on:2009-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360242999427Subject:Political Theory
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A harmonious society is an ideal society state pursued by the human. Building a socialist harmonious society has been written into the Party agenda. Comrade Hun Junta pointed out; the socialist harmonious society is democracy and the rule of law, fairness and justice, integrity and fraternity, and dynamic, stable, orderly, and the social harmony of man and nature. Our government is primarily liable to carry out this lately ruling principle of harmonious society, and it plays a very decisive role in it. However, our government, the main body in the process of building harmonious society, still has many problems. Therefore, the transformation of the government function in the background of constructing harmonious society of socialism has become particularly necessary. The transformation of the government function is the sally port to set up the harmonious society, and the harmonious society provides the value coordinate for the transformation of the government function. To understand and handle the relationship between them correctly, combine the study of government function and harmonious society with the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, have great theoretical and practical significance in further transforming the government function and advancing the harmonious society. What's more, it has great effects on the economic system reform and the political setup reform and promoting the coordinated development of society and economy, relating to the overall situation of the Chinese socialism with Chinese characteristics.This article is under Marxism historical materialism instruction, in line with the apply theory to reality principle. Based on China's concrete national condition and making use of the methods of the normative and experience analysis, the article has the more concrete analysis with explanation for the reason, contents and paths of the government function. This text is not to limit to the theoretical research of the transformation of the government function and the setting up harmonious society only, but try to turn to the maneuverability research, such as the rule of law, the system and the procedure for the transformation of the government function, expecting this research to develop the larger function in setting up harmonious society.Building up a socialist harmonious society is a systematic engineering that involves many fields and requires the whole society to participate in. As the representative of the public benefits, the government is the leader and organizer of the harmonious society. But for a long time, our government pays attention to the economy development excessively, neglecting the social management and public service, which causing the overstepping, vacancy and abnormal phenomena. Therefore, the transformation of the government function is the urgent need of establishing harmonious society. Only transforming the government function can the construction harmonious society be provided with the necessary material, political and social foundations.Setting up the harmonious society requests the government continue locating in the economical adjustment, market supervision and managing, at the same time, the government should pay more attention to the social management and public services. This means the government must reform and innovate in the direction of the construction harmonious society, including the transformation of the government's function mode, central function, government role, administrative ways, government performance and the government function scope etc.Accelerating the transformation of the government function lies in the following ways: First, we should transform ideas to people-centered, and establish the idea of serving people as center. Second, in order to push forward the transformation of the government function, we must try our best to build the service-oriented government, the rule of law government and incorrupt government etc. Moreover, it is urgent request for the transformation of government function to strengthen the government performance management and assessment and construct the scientific system of government performance assessment. At the same time, the administrative approval system reform is also the important breakthrough of the further transformation of government function, which is also the fundamental measure of preventing and solving the corruption from the source.
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