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On Rural Land Contract

Posted on:2007-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land system establishment is the key problem of the rural economic system.As a creative system,rural land contracting system is greatly impetus to the development of agriculture.Rural land contract system plays an important role in the rural land contracting system.Through setting the rural land management rights,farmers of collective economic organizations can enjoy equal status and rights,and the system become the legal guarantee of survival and development of farmers.but because of the inadequacies of the system,a lot of problem occured in the operating practice. This article takes reference of the recent views of different law scholors,such as rural land management rights,the theorical fundation of the artical is welfare functions of rural land contract as a civil contract and the theory of rural land contract should be seperated with rural land management rights,the article makes overall analysis of rural land contracting system and makes perfection.The course of productin of the rural land contact is introdced in the preface, it notes that even the rural land contract system is firstly created in China,the developing speed of the rural land contract system is faster than any other contracts.,at the same time, it is also to promote and protect the rural land reform made a significant contribution.But bacause the contract is still in the exploration stage, the immature system maked a lot of problems is the real practice and triggered countless disputes.I think the rural political, economic and cultural aspects should be integratd to perfect the rural land contract system.There are 5 parts of the main article:The first part is an overview of the rural land contract, rural land contract is the guarantee about rights and obligation of rural land using between contractors.Is the double-works, compensation, Otunnu into contracts, and is a form contract.It has 5 functions suchs as setting the rural land contracting authority and drealizing rural social security and welfare.This article notes the administratin of the rural land contract should be limited in the aspects of record, authentication, renewal, monitoring and mediation in disputes. And a rigid procedures must be carried on.The second part analyse the nature of rural land contract. Scholars have different views and disputes of rural contract, including"view of labour...
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