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The Jurisprudential Analysis On The Chinese Association Legislation

Posted on:2007-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212973514Subject:Legal theory
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On the background of"association revolution",social associations, as the core concept of civil society and the direct body of the freedom of association, now play an important role in making the society become better. In the past, everything was being controlled by the administrative authority, and the citizen was lack of the freedom of association. So in a certain sense, forming social association is useful to enjoy our privilege of citizenship. After the deeply innovation in politics, economy and society, the desire for forming associations which was suppress has been released, and in our country came forth all kinds of social associations, which have deeply affected the relationship between government and citizen, the manners of government act and the convert of governmental functions. However, we are lack of the most important safeguard-《association law》,and the present legal system on the social associations lacks the effectiveness substantially, as a result , the demand for forming the social associations can't be satisfied, and there are a great deal of " illegal social associations"in our society. The first step to improve our legislation of social associations is to make the theories research about every aspect of the law, such as the legislative purpose, the main contents...etc. In order to put forward the suggestion to improve the legislation, carry out the freedom of association, and make the political nation in harmony with the civil society, this article will seek the legislative background and the problem in our social associations'development.This article is according to thus the train of thoughts. First, I place social association under the circumstances of civil society. Because previously the scholars'research always began with the theory of civil society, its existence has...
Keywords/Search Tags:Social association, Freedom of association, Association legislation
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