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A Study On The Contradictory Resolution And Stability Of Countryside In The Rural Poverty-stricken Areas Of China

Posted on:2008-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215956115Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The current key to develop Chinese society is that the stability of the countryside. But the stability of the countryside depends on the effective resolution of the countryside social contradictory. This paper takes the harmony and stable village of Dong people as a setpoint and does a comprehensive inspection to its traditional custom and the village organization, in order to seek for a true reason to resolve the village contradiction and maintain the village stable, provides a village government model for our depressed area.An inspection to the traditional custom: The relational and moral educational function of the traditional jubilees and activities established a good foundation for resolution of the village's contradiction. On the one hand, various traditional activities strengthen the exchange and communication among villagers, promote the friendship and prevent the contradictory occurrence effectively, and build a good platform to resolve the village contradiction when many villagers' virtues cultivate in various activities on the other.An inspection to the village organization: The autonomous organizations of Dong area such as clan and brigand chief had carried on the effective government to this region for a long time in its history. Though many patriarchal clan's autonomous organizations had been abolished formally in many political movements after the new China established, the autonomous organizations appearance by the form of "the senior citizen association" in the traditional region of Dong people after reform and opening-up. This had become the main force to resolve the contradiction in the village social life, social utility and social activities construct and maintain the village stabilities.Through to inspection to the village's "traditional custom" and "the senior citizen association", this paper discovers that the effectively way to realize the impoverished village's harmonious stable is to improve the villagers moral quality, strengthen the contact to promote the friendship among villagers and villages, and then through the powerful operation of autonomous organizations to resolve the contradiction. This paper also summarizes that several enlightenment to govern the impoverished countryside area. First, the village government should take the "the government by moral" primarily and take "the government by law" as auxiliary; Second, the traditional custom must play its role in moral educational function; Third, constructs the senior citizen association; Fourth, transform the idea, strengthen every force to resolve the village contradiction of countryside society.This paper is divided five parts. The introduction elaborates the problem and significance of the research, and combs the research results; The second part carries on a objective description to the village general situations; The third part analyzes the basic contradiction objectively and thoroughly; The fourth part analyzes the contradictions' resolution ways of village on the basis of massive case-studies; The fifth part analyzes the resolution ways' enlightenment and the limitation of the village contradiction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dong minority village, Traditional custom, Senior citizen association, Countryside social stability
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