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On The Right Of Informed Consent In The Doctor-patient Relationship

Posted on:2008-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:E X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245460416Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The doctor-patient relationship is the special relationship in the medical and health field. It is regarded as the basis of medical cause which shoulders the mission to watch the human life. With the change of time, bi-directional distrust between doctors and patients is becoming more and more serious. The serious conflicts in interests and ideas do tremendous damage to broad masses of people's fundamental interests and hinder China's medical and health work for the healthy development. Dislocation, vacancy and incompleteness of implementation in the right of informed consent intensify the conflicts between doctors and patients. The right of informed consent, as a humane spirit in the development of modern medicine, becomes the bioethics principle to build a harmonious society, harmonious doctor-patient relationships. It is closely related to patient's dignity, rights and interest and has becoming a key issue for study and discussion in many scientific fields, such as in Law and Ethic.This paper focuses on the urgent need to solve the problems that China's current medical field as well as the whole community is facing, such as the exacerbated conflicts derived from the tense relationship between doctors and patients. This paper mainly discusses on the nature, characteristics and trends of informed consent as a basic right in the perspective of patients, summarizes the role of ethic on the main object and other related factor of informed consent, analyzes the reason for the patients losing their right of informed consent and at last has an ethical reflection on it. Meanwhile this paper puts forward the characteristics of informed consent in the harmonious doctor-patient relationship and the ethical principles that we should follow in order to realize patient's right of informed consent. The proposal that the implementation of informed consent is the only way to build the harmonious relationship between doctors and patients defines the direction of the development of China's medical service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Doctor-patient relationship, Right of informed consent, Role of ethic, Harmonious relationship between doctors and patients
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