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Study On The Right Of Informed Consent Of Patients In Doctor-patient Relationship In China Under The Perspective Of Harmonious Society

Posted on:2019-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545989558Subject:Marxism in China
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Harmonious doctor-patient relationship is an important aspect of building a harmonious society in China.In recent years,the conflict between doctors and patients is often seen in newspapers,which should be a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients has become more and more tense,from the point of view of some typical cases of doctor-patient conflicts in these years,a lot of events is the root of the right of informed consent of patients have not been really implemented.In the information age,public awareness of the protection of their rights is constantly strengthening,and patients are more likely to get the right to know.In reality,the right of informed consent is always ignored and infringed.How to protect the rights and interests of patients,reduce medical disputes,so as to maintain a good and harmonious doctor-patient relationship is an important issue for patients,doctors need to face.Therefore,the relationship between doctors and patients in the study of the informed consent "as the subject,based on the survey of three hospitals in Zhengzhou,to explore China's current situation and reasons of the right of informed consent of patients,in order to put forward countermeasures and suggestions to improve the patients' informed consent right.From the research content.First,based on the related theoretical research,this paper summarizes the concept,characteristics,exercise subjects and exercise ways of patients' informed consent right,and further expounds the elements of effective exercise of informed consent.Secondly,in this paper,several hospitals in Zhengzhou area were selected as the investigation object,and the questionnaire survey was carried out on doctors,patients and patients' families.On the basis of investigation and analysis,this paper analyzes the problems of informed consent right from three levels,including medical staff,patients and family members,and medical institutions,and finds out the causes of the problems from the perspective of inadequate legislation,inadequate attention of medical institutions and lack of supervision.Then,the paper studies the exceptions of the patient's right to informed consent in the doctor-patient relationship.Finally,from the four aspects of perfecting the legislation of patient's informed consent,improving patient's informed consent system,improving the comprehensive quality of medical staff and enhancing the awareness of patients and their family members,we put forward strategies to improve patients' right to know and consent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Harmonious society, Doctor-patient relations, Patients, Informed consent
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