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The U.S. Concept Of The Regional Order Of East Asia And Its Influence On East Asia Region

Posted on:2009-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245494430Subject:International relations
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The relationship between the United States and East Asia always is the popular area in International Relations Studies, and U.S. East Asia policy have got more attention from the academic circle because of its close relation related to China's national interest under the situation of China's rising is gradually obvious in recent years. This thesis will carry on the research of the concept behind the policy's making, and try to see the future of the U.S. foreign policy towards East Asia.This thesis selects the U.S. concept of the regional order of East Asia which takes both policy and the idea dual meaning to study while carrying on the research toward the U.S. East Asia policy. This concept contained the view on the setting up and transforming of the East Asia's regional order holding by the United States. The U.S policy on East Asia and the point view holding by the different schools in the academic circle in United States both can be used in this research. We can achieve purpose which was set up in the beginning of this research by analyze the concept and the view behind the policy made by the government.The first part explains the basic concept which contains order, regional order in this research, and introduces the logic of this thesis. In this research, the regional order can not be seen as the brief performance of international order at region scope. The concept of the regional order is a method, provision, arrangement and system on dealing with the interacting between nations. It involves diplomacy, economy, military, law inside the region, society etc. And it emphasizes the importance of the geopolitics and the region norms of the value and culture compared with the international order.The second part discusses the international environment of the development of the U.S. concept of the regional order in East Asia. The international environment has the function of fostering and shaping on a country's political idea and the foreign policy. This thesis made use of a great deal of data to make conclusion that the regional order of East Asia is in the America's semi-hegemony. This kind of realistic structure and form controls the United States policy in East Asia always along the tradition realism route development. It emphasize the great power and balance of power, and then pay attention to strengthen a predominant region mechanism construction from the United States, with this prevent from rising big power of challenge and push forward an American benefits in that region of maintenance.The third part discusses the decisive significance which the U.S. grand strategy takes to the object in this thesis. The United States' grand strategy is the tallest layer of national security and development strategy influencing its diplomacy principle and policy deeply. The America's grand strategy contains a pack of concept such as realism, liberalism, new conservatism, isolationism etc. In East Asia, traditional realism is always been in the essential position of long-term making a important function on shaping a stable regional order in East Asia. Valuing balancing of power, fostering the region cooperation regimes had become the distinctly characteristic of the U.S. concept of regional order in East Asia.The evolution of regional order of East Asia is subjected to the predominance of this outside big power in the region by the United States. This progress will keep on very long period. Under the circumstance that American predominance and decision in East Asia not change, only big power's rising will cause the regional power structure's changing and the development of doctrine in East Asia can at basically influence this kind of evolution of history progress.
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