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The Strategy Of The United States "Back To Asia-Pacific" And It’s Influence On China

Posted on:2013-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371968292Subject:International relations
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Asia-pacific strategy is an important constituent of the global strategy of United States. Since Obama be the president, He high-profile announced "return to" the Asia-pacific, and took the "smart power" diplomatic means in order to maintain and strengthen the America’s leadership in the Asia Pacific region and strategic interests, then promoted the more positive Asia-pacific policy. The key of the regulation covers the economic, political, military, safety, regional cooperation, the relations between big powers and other aspects, I think the reason why United States wants to "return to "the Asia Pacific is mainly focus on develop the market and worry about the grow up of China. The cooperation of The United States and the ASEAN will have a great influence full on China. So, we should maintain a high level of alert.The United States has a long history of The geopolitical thought, so its Asia-pacific strategy has a great infected by the geopolitical thought. This article take the geopolitical theory as a foundation, analyzed the motivation and influence of United States adjust the Asia-pacific strategic and recommend some relevant Suggestions for China.
Keywords/Search Tags:The United States of America Asia-Pacific strategy, The geopolitical though, Regional economy, Chinese foreign policy
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