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Research On Development Of China-Japan Relations Post Cold War

Posted on:2009-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H MingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245951909Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Japan is an island nation in west Pacific Ocean and a neighboring country of China which lie across the Ocean with each other . The relations between China and Japan is one of the most important bilateral relations to both China and Japan , so it is highly emphasized by the two nations'governments as well as their people . From establishing China-Japan diplomatic relations in 1972 , the relations between two states has improved a lot , from which made the government and the people get much benefit . But from the beginning of 1990's , the inner and outer context has occured a series of changes , which in turn influenced the development of China-Japan relations , moreover , there always existed some kind of Bottloneck in the relations of two nations that restricted bilateral relations's healthy and steady development .With entry of new century , China-Japan relations developed in every realm . however , some negative elements growed rapidly at the same time , which hinder and affect seriously the development of bilateral relations . For example , with the economic actual strength getting stronger , Japan's Great Country consciousness is formed and the project building up political great country is set up in the early stage of 21st century . China and Japan are close neighbors , what's more , they are the most influential nations in Asia . The situation between China-Japan relations has a significant effect not only on two nation's future development but also on Asian even global stability , prosperity and development .Based on the facts mentioned above , principal contradiction and its cause between China and Japan must be analyzed reasonably and dealt with in calm and lenient attitude . The problems how to appease China-Japan relations in order to construct fine context for China development in 21st century and how to develop good-neighbor friendly relations between China and Japan have become one of the important researching issues of Chinese and Japanese scholers .The paper consists of the preface , the main part , which has three chapters , and the conclusion .The preface reviews briefly developing situation of China and Japan from the regularity of diplomatic relationss to post Cold War , analyzes the chief causes of China-Japan friendly relations and evokes naturally China-Japan relations post Cold War .In the first chapter , the paper depicts the general context of China-Japan relations post Cold War , then analyzes the changes of political and economic development between China and Japan which made the whole timeliness continuity and base of raising the problems .Using western theory about international relations , the second chapter analyzes the main elements which have impact on China-Japan relations , the aim of which is to find out theory origin so that solve the un-harmonious elements in China-Japan relations .In the third chaper , the paper grasps and recognizes reasonably China-Japan relations . It also proposes some suggestions about how to manage China-Japan relationss .The analysis and research on restricting elements and stimulating ones which affects China-Japan relations post Cold War have reaches the point recognise and grasp reasonably China-Japan relations . The author attempts to elaborates thoroughly the issue and tries the best to make a little dedication to lasting , stable and healthy development of China-Japan relations .
Keywords/Search Tags:China-Japan relations, restricting elements, stimulating elements, recognise and grasp reasonably
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