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The Innovation Of The Govement Administration Mode Of The Country

Posted on:2009-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245962130Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The administrative pattern consists of the administrative idea, the administrative function, the administrative goal, the administrative way as well as the administrative operational mechanism. and so on always called. Under the main background of new rural construction, it has great theoretical and practical significance to explore the innovation of township government benefiting from the administrative theory and related practical achievement.The administrative pattern of our township government has experienced three stages of development , that is, the township government formation, the people's commune administration, the township government restoration and the development. The formation period is from the Agrarian Revolutionary War to the founding of new China, which is characterized by the combination of mobilizing and independence. The people's commune period is from 1958 to 1983, which is characterized by the high level of centralization. The government integrated the commune management with administrative function and the Party leading function. With the delivery of the document"On separating the commune and government and establishing the township government", the township government is recovered all of the China. At the beginning of restoration, the regime of township government is a continuation of the people's commune. The rural primary government in 1990s still adopted the old rules and regulation somehow. After entering 21st century, the township government began a new development period. The evolution of township regime shows that each pattern of government is subject to many factors and every model of government is not ultimate but is the lessons for the new choice.China's township government has played very important roles in rural society, such as, guaranteeing the stability in the rural areas, promoting the development of productive forces in the rural areas, promoting the social harmony and rural development, and improving civic awareness. However, it cannot denied that the existing problems of the administrative mode has affected its further development The main problems consists of the lack of service consciousness, the serious dislocation and vacancy of administrative function, the ignorance of social efficiency, the unitary of administration and the imperfect coordination mechanism. The main reasons for these problems involve the traditional administrative model, and civic consciousness. We must handle correctly the existing problems and achieve new model of administration.The construction of new rural socialism society and the building of service oriented government and the abolition of agricultural tax have made the innovation of rural government urgent. However, the government innovation is restricted by many kinds of factors such as economic, political rights, administrative system, political culture, ruling law in the township. In the full respect our country countryside development national condition foundation, the township level government administration pattern innovation concrete way may begin from following several aspects: First, innovate the administrative idea, transfer the administrative control to administrative service. Second, innovate the financial resource, correct the government function. Third, innovate performance evaluation mechanism, pay more attention to social efficiency. Fourth, innovate the administrative pattern and reestablish the authority. Fifth, innovate the coordination mechanisms, and promote the harmonious development of rural communities. Sixth, improve the supervision mechanism, insist on legal administration.The innovation of administrative modes of township government is the important component of the administrative system reform of our country. What we especially emphasized is that the reform should seek truth from the facts, and respect the social condition, and the innovation of the administrative entity in order to realize our own characterization. The administrative reform is inevitable, but the administrative reform is not over and done. At the present stage, we should innovate in the function, arouse the farmer's enthusiasm and construct the socialism jointly.
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