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Analysis On The Nationalistic Factors In The Theory And Practice Of The Arab Ba'th Socialist Party

Posted on:2009-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245962510Subject:World History
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The Arab Ba'th Socialist Party plays a very important role in the political field in Middle East. It advocates Arabian nationalism and commits itself to Arabian unity, however, there is a trend of state-regional nationalism in its political theories and practice after the its ruling. As a result, the thesis endeavors to make a study of the Ba'th Party's transition from Arab nationalism to state-regional nationalism, focusing on Iraq and Syria which are ruled by the Party, so as to make a further study to the different stages of the Party.This thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter One traces the establishment, development and the ruling stages of the Ba'th Party together with summarizing the early performances of the Party. The Ba'th Party originates form Arabian nationalism, which in turn is improved. During the process, the quick rise of the Ba'th Party owns to its sound theoretic basis—Arabian nationalism. Chapter Two and Chapter Three mainly explore the theoretical and practical activities of the Ba'th Party from the nationalistic point of view, emphasizing on the two transitions: the transition from Arabian to Syrian and Iraqi as well as that from Arab nationalism to state-regional nationalism. On the basis of the theoretical and practical analysis, Chapter Four comes to the conclusion: although Arabian nationalism still performs its influence, state-regional nationalism has been a dominant factor with no denying.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Arab Ba'th Socialist, Partynationalism, Arabian nationalism, state-regional nationalism
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