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Legal Analysis On Human Rights Protection Of Criminal Suspect In China

Posted on:2009-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272457811Subject:Legal theory
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Human rights are the most basic rights for persons. Human rights is the basis for participation in social activities, it is also the basis of personal enjoyment of human rights in political areas and participation in national affairs. Human rights has always been the focus of the peoples all the world, the pursuit of protection of human rights. Human rights has its particular characters as it has the universal features in nature. Human rights'particular characters perform in many ways, not only there are differences in different countries at different stages, but also there are differences in different social groups. The personality of the human rights is theme of the article, the paper is about human rights in the personality of different social groups on the difference.In this paper, protections of human rights of criminal suspects are studied by value analysis, historical analysis, comparative analysis methods, standardized method of analysis.First of all, the general theories about human rights and human rights of criminal suspects are interpreted, and secondly, legal value of protection of human rights of criminal suspects is analyzed, and thirdly, the paper focused on the analysis of criminal suspects in China's human rights protection system. Finally, the paper gives some suggestions to improve the human rights of criminal suspects.In the first part, the general theories about human rights and human rights of criminal suspects are interpreted. This paper emphasizes human rights of different social group, and demonstrates the importance of protection of criminal suspects.In the second part, legal value of human rights protection of criminal suspects is analyzed by value analysis. It is reflected that legal value in pursuing social fair and maintaining social stability.The third part analyzes the inadequacy in protecting human rights of criminal suspects from current system in china including right to remain silent, the presumption of innocence and right to legal assistance.The forth part supposes the concept of litigation should be changed. Legislation should be improved. The right to remain silent should be written to law. The way to achieve the goal is to change Criminal Procedure.
Keywords/Search Tags:criminal suspects, human rights, presumption of innocence, right to remain silent
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