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Problems And Solutions Of The Culture Building In New Countryside Construction In Minorities

Posted on:2009-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Building a new socialist countryside has become an inevitable and necessary in today's era of choice. The main features of the new rural areas are: development of production, affluent life and rural wind civilization, the village capacity clean, democratic management. Clearly, the new rural areas the "new" should not only for performance improvement of living standards, should be more political, economic and cultural development. Culture as the superstructure, the level of economic development in rural areas is a sign, it is also necessary for construction of the new driving force in rural areas. No new culture, new rural does not matter. Speed up China's rural cultural construction, and has important practical significance.New rural cultural construction in rural areas is to promote an important driving force for the development of productive forces, the majority of farmers in rural areas is to achieve the fundamental interests of the important aspects. However, the rural cultural construction and cultural construction is the weak link, have often been overlooked grass-roots party and the government, the majority of farmers do not own importance, of cultural construction in rural areas are often placed in the building of the "vacuum." The history of precipitation from the national culture, was not abandoned development and utilization of that is feudal, backward, and can not create economic value of things. In some areas, although some attention, but any of the national culture, the so-called "innovation" so that the lost essence of our national culture, a local economic development tool.The article in the village for a national study on grass-roots government and the cultural construction in the rural areas of the role, first of all, the Government's attention to the grassroots so that the cultural building sank to the village, increase investment and rural cultural construction and financial system Protection. The article maintains that the new rural ethnic minority areas and cultural development, should be excellent local traditional culture and new culture in rural areas combine. As a village-level management of the village committee, in the rural cultural construction in the shoulder the responsibility: to village-level cultural development in the planning long-term goal, and actively organize and conduct multi-form of village-level cultural activities, and guide workers to join in their hometowns in rural areas of rural cultural construction, Motomura based on the cultural traditions and characteristics of the development of cultural resources, including the collection, collation, dissemination of traditional culture, building villages and cultural characteristics, and the establishment of cultural development, development of traditional cultural products, to form a village-level cultural development system.
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