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Study Of Ethnic Minority Cultural Property Issues In Tourism Development

Posted on:2014-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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About minority culture of our country exist in theory and practice are controversial. Oneis as a precious cultural resources, ethnic culture in the process of tourism development isoften ignore the property of national culture, the culture of the local residents didn’t getadmitted and protect property rights main body status. The second is the local ethnic minorityresidents have no real to tourism development and into the real income distribution channel,in a market economy in a "true and false" civil main body status, makes local residents intourism revenue in a "marginal" distribution state, their rights can not get not get effectiveguarantee. Three is the rights and interests of the existing property rights system, leading toconflict and contradiction to upgrade. On the one hand, the state of the ethnic minority areasstill face poverty, ethnic culture in the development process on the other hand, a damage, thecause of the government or enterprises in the development process and ethnic minorityresidents conflict.placed on ethnic culture based on the property of the perspective of interests distributiondispute case the controversial focus of the case and analyzed the legal problems involved. Thefull text in addition to the introduction will be divided into three parts. In the first part, theauthor first introduces the basic facts of the case, in case the problem caused by clear this caseinvolving two controversial focus; Controversy on the case, the main is the institutionalarrangement of property right ethnic culture and ethnic culture property rights in the processof tourism development in the interests of the national cultural property allocation problem.The second part is mainly about the case involving the controversial focus of legal analysis,the first flashpoint is the subject status of the national culture property; A second flashpoint isprofit distribution status in the national tourism development. Finally, the author in the thirdpart of the article expounds some triggered by the case of thinking as well as the relevantopinions and Suggestions on this.In this paper, the view of the main is: minority cultural property as a real intangiblecultural resources, is the minority after a long period of production and reproduction andinherited in the life. Therefore, the culture of ethnic minority people should enjoy thecorresponding property right status. On minority culture tourism development in the processof the clear minority residents is one of the main body of profit distribution, and gives the corresponding civil rights, local residents to should enjoy the personal rights and propertyrights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethnic minorities, Ethnic minority culture, Ethnic cultural property, Profit distribution, Cultural resources, Intangible cultural heritage
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