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On Legal Idea Modality Which Was Based On The China's Farming Civilization Modality

Posted on:2009-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272474416Subject:Legal theory
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Up to the recent, the Chinese civilization has been infiltrated by the western civilization totally. The first way is the economic dimension, and then spread to the political, ideological and legal fields consciously or unconsciously. More than 100 years, The Chinese academic who was on the way which between the Western and Eastern, traditional and modern conflicts and integration probably. The field of law, someone view the legal culture of west by the way which from the traditional Chinese civilization; someone judge the Chinese civilization who is ues the way by cutting, piecing together the establishment of the so-called integration in the Western civilization of the law. All these are a comparison of ideas to the vision of China's legal outlook, with a view to achieving the modernization of China's legal system.To this paper, from the relatively civilized and civilized form of vision, to look at China and France ideology, a picture of the future. This observation more similar to the Chinese paintings in the "Freehand", distinct from the Chinese paintings in the "Baimiao". No specific details of the exquisite carving, no points, lines, the delicate painted face; more emphasis on qualities scenes, the ideal vision of expression. The article aims to be China's legal picture for an ambitious outlook, Find the picture of China's legal path to find a direction to move forward with a view to promoting the legal and civilized progress and development.Civilized form of development is accompanied by the conflict between civilized form, through civilized forms of achieving the complete integration. From ancient China to modern society, all confirmed that such a law. Decides further that the law of the ideology of the integration and transformation. China's traditional concept of law is established in the form of traditional Chinese form of farming civilization under. China's "at-Law Act ideology" also by the performance of the traditional Chinese form of the impact of fanning civilization. This impact is fundamental and decisive. Based on civilization in the form of challenges and fight in the integration and conversion, farming patterns of civilization "at-Law Act ideology" of decisive significance that we can say, the concept of law in a civilized form of the integration process in the form of the social changes in the process of integration, Conversion. However, this transformation has no beginning-end integration, the distinction between primary and secondary, or "cured of the West" or to the traditional, But in a civilized form of the challenges in the fight, in the West and in the traditional Tai Chi and massage you in me, and I have you, in the conflict and quantitative change, the integration of qualitative change.
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