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On The Impact Of The Political Parties In The Administration Of Justice

Posted on:2010-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360275958535Subject:Legal theory
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A governing party tends to get authority over the state affairs,including jurisdiction.With the methodology of qualitative analysis,quantitative analysis,theoretic research,positive research,and example research,the paper expatiatesthe theory on the relation between political parties and jurisdiction,reviews the istory of the role of Chinese Communist Party in jurisdiction,describes two modalities in which political parties exert their influence on jurisdiction,tries to ind an appropriate modality ill CCP having its role in jurisdiction,and makes some suggestion after analysis and thinking on reality.The paper unfolds in four parts.The first part includes definition of"Political Party''and"Jurisdiction".description of their characters and general heory on the relations between them.In the second part listed are the knowledge of CCP on the relations on CCP and jurisdiction:stick to and mprove the leadership of CCP;objection against CCP's interference into government affairs;CCP should abide by the constitution and laws;judicatoryorgan should hold their function independently in conformity with legal provisions.In the third part,the modalities in which political parties exert their nfluence on jurisdiction are classified into two categories,namely indirect modality and direct modality,which will be explained and evaluated in detailn the basis of the above theoretic sum—up and description on modalities,the author would like to make in—depth thinking on the how to understand and even nhance the relation between CCP and jurisdiction in the forth part.Besides, the suggestion on reform is put forward in this part By describing the influence political parties will have on jurisdiction,searching the general ways by which political parties influence jurisdiction,and listing the basic rules by which political parties should abide,the paper is aimed at making some suggestion on improfing the relation between CCP andjurisdiction within the pattern of rule of law with Chinese Characteristic.
Keywords/Search Tags:Political Party, Jurisdiction, Indirect Modality, Direct Modality, the Suggestion on Reform
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