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The Three Gorges Reservoir Region Immigrant Becomes Rich Calmly And Steadily Present Situation And Countermeasure Analysis

Posted on:2009-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Three Gorges Project construction involves the storehouse district 19 county city 1599 Industrial and mining establishments, the Chongqing submergence Industrial and mining establishment 1397 households, in Chongqing Submergence Enterprise, close broken reorganize 1008 households, accounts for 72%, retains 389 households, stands 28%. Has become"zero industrial district"nearly in many submergence areas. Because along with the Three Gorges the quota of people limited project investment peak's past and west key project advance's slowing down, the government will support dynamics to weaken `obviously, the investment will assume year by year the declining trend, its stimulation economic growth's effect will be weaken gradually.The Three Gorges Reservoir Region domestic demand insufficient contradiction will expose, because will lack the market economy endogenous strength drawing, industrial development' basic requirement will be weak,"industry hollow"inevitable.Simultaneously the reservoir immigrant is and the water conservation electric power project construction accompanying fresh special groups. Whether immigrates to move smoothly obtains, whether is the critical time water conservation electric power project completed as scheduled and has the benefit: But whether immigrates to remain, can stand firm, then relates transfers out and the placement society is harmonious and stable. In a sense. The latter is more important, is also more urgent. In addition because storehouse district placement capacity serious insufficient, human contradictory very prominent; The storehouse district industry is void, part immigration employment difficulty; The project time span is long, the policy design covers omni-directionally with difficulty; The immigration house compensation standard is somewhat low, as well as "Reality of laws" the promulgation implementation, the large and middle scale water conservation water and electricity project immigration placement policy and so on, many factors to the immigration psychology's synthesis influence, cause the immigrant inquiry quantity to increase progressively year by year, has the enormous influence stably for the storehouse district.Because in above inside and outside under the condition, explains the Three Gorges Reservoir Region industrial development and the immigrant becomes rich calmly and steadily the difficult problem, is Chongqing plans the city and countryside heavy and the prosperous common people are popular wanting of the Chongqing. This article uses the sample investigation and the statistical analysis method, has carried on the analysis and the summary earnestly to the Three Gorges Reservoir Region immigrant's placement present situation, this article thought that the Three Gorges Reservoir Region calm and steady becoming rich first lies in enlarges the storehouse district industrial development dynamics, is the storehouse district development provides the economical support, may provide the massive labor force employment opportunity while convenient, alleviates the immigration the graduation pressure; Second increases dynamics which the storehouse district later period supports, continues policy which consummates later period supports, full display in storehouse district immigrant's calm and steady function; Third, enlarges the insurance business in storehouse district function dynamics, aspect and so on retirement which, medical service the solution immigration most cared questions.
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