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On Social Foundation Of Pluralistic Democracy Society

Posted on:2010-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275468766Subject:Political Theory
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Tocqueville is the predictor and analyst of the modern democratic society, and he is the first one who asserts the coming of the democratic time in the human ideology history. He was conscious of the abuse and the objection hidden in the democracy society observantly, which resulted that he was deeply worried about that the democracy would go to despotism. He elaborated the society foundations which consolidate the democratic society by beginning his analyze with the society condition. This thesis intends to analyze systemically the society conditions which influence the consolidating and developing of the democratic society that put forward by Tocqueville, and the author try to expound the society condition of the democratic society' s consolidation and development in Tocqueville democratic liberalism theoretic by combining the latest developing result of this theory, so as to provide some inspirations for the democratization process of modern China.The study state and meaning about Tocqueville' s political thought are briefly analyzed in the introduction. The first chapter firstly introduces the pluralistic democracy politic thought of Tocqueville which is the key to understand Tocqueville' s political thought. Secondly, the author compares it with other democratic political thoughts. The second, third, and forth chapter classifies Tocqueville' s pluralistic democracy social foundations from three parts: spirit culture conditions, political conditions, and the other conditions. The fifth chapter mainly evaluates the outstanding station of the Tocqueville's pluralistic democracy thought in the western political thought history and points out the historic defects of the theory, besides it also detects its socialistic foundation. At last, the author puts forward to that the practical enlightenment of Tocqueville' s theory to the contemporary democratic countries is that we can better promote the democratic progress of our country.
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