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The Research Of Characteristics Of Development In The Socialist Road With Chinese Characteristics

Posted on:2010-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the Chinese characteristic socialist road, is leads in the Communist Party of China, the foothold fundamental realities of the country, take the economic development as a center, insisted that the Four Fundamental Principles, insist the reform and open policy, the liberation and the development social productive forces, consolidated and perfect socialist system, build socialism market economy, socialist democratic politics, socialism advanced culture, socialism harmonious society, construction prosperous and powerful democratic civilization harmonious socialism modernization country.The Chinese characteristic socialist road development model chief feature has the scientific progress, the accord development, the innovation development, the communal development and peace develops five characteristics. And the scientific progress, the accord development and peace develop three big characteristics in comprehensive construction affluent society's new time especially important. The scientific progress, is humanist, is comprehensively coordinated the sustainable development. The accord development, is the various aspects enterprise organic unification, the members of different social classes unites the harmonious development. Peace development, is strives for peace the international environment to develop itself, also maintains the world peace, the promotion communal development by own development. These three developments have represented the scientific development concept about the development idea. The scientific progress, the accord development, peace development are our country economic society develop make the remarkable progress the valuable experience, realizes the modernized superb target important safeguard finally. This article mainly launches the analysis from these three aspects.This article by four major part is composed. The first part, insists the scientific progress, eagerly anticipates the Chinese economy swift growth and the environment healthy development. The second part, insists the accord development, constructs the socialism harmonious society diligently. The third part, insists peace development, devotes to construct the lasting peace the harmonious world. Fourth, scientific progress, according development, peace development organic unification. This article through to the Chinese characteristic socialist road development model's three big essential feature's analysis reorganizations, tries hard through to three big essential feature inquisitions, promulgates and annotates the Chinese characteristic socialism development model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Scientific Progress, Accord Development, Innovation Development, Communal Development, Peace Development
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