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Spiritual Information Warfare: The Art Of Ideological Manipulation

Posted on:2009-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278456831Subject:Philosophy of Science and Technology
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As the Information Age comes, the information technology makes the warfare change. Warfare starts to shift from violence to a more"peaceful"style. Spiritual information applied in the battlefield forces the information warfare becomes more spiritually related than physically related. This dissertation mainly analyzes the task of the spiritual information warfare and the contribution of this dissertation includes four aspects: first, the author defines the concept of spiritual information warfare, and finds the differences and connections between spiritual information warfare and other forms of warfare. And finally points out that psychological warfare is in fact a kind of spiritual information warfare. The author sets up a model of spiritual information warfare, and points out that controlling the spirits is the main task of the spiritual information warfare; second, the author analyzes the reason why spirit could be controlled from the point of view of philosophy, and by using the conclusions from Piaget's genetic epistemology, she draws a conclusion that spirit could be controlled; third, discussing the influence factors of the spirit controlling, pointing out that technology is the determinant factor of spirit controlling, and technology is the important guarantee of spiritual information warfare in both side of battlefield and theory; Fourth, the author discusses the basic method of implementing spirit controlling by using cognitive science laws. Finally, the author gives a final conclusion: spiritual information warfare using the spiritual information as weapons, controlling the enemies'spirit by sending information and finally destroying the enemies'will to fight. The spiritual information warfare is more advanced kind of warfare.
Keywords/Search Tags:spiritual information warfare, manipulate thought, cognitive attack, art
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