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Studies Of The Relationship Between Government And Citizens

Posted on:2011-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the river of the human history, the ralation of the government and the public has a long history.Since the party's sixteenth National Congress party, especially since the Fourth Plenary Session 10, building a socialist harmonious society is concerned about a hot issue by the whole party and the government. From the management perspective, a harmonious society is natruely a society in which government and citizens live harmoniously, co-governancly. In the globalization process, relations between government and citizens, and also a particular concern. Especially in the global "game" pattern in a weak position of developing countries should be emphasized that a reasonable solution to this problem. Therefore, this article on contemporary Chinese society, the relationship between government and citizens to study the essence and theme of the issue, hoping to find an effective way to biuld a good relationship between government and citizens.This relationship between government and citizens from the close of the "government" and "citizen" of the concept of starting, to sum up the relationship between the government and the citizens of the mainstream theory, by studying the relationship between our government and citizens of the overall development and its history, focusing on the relations of our government and citizens before the establishment of New China of the relationship between ruler and the ruled, which was the basic form of small-scale peasant society, centralized political structure and government of the people at the end of the political culture is inseparable; after the founding of to reform and opening up government to do it all citizens, individual absolute obedience from the country's official primary public relations, which was the beginning of new China faced a very complex domestic and international situations are inseparable; the reform and opening up, as China began the economy-oriented management model of government, coupled with the market economy "social standard" concept of deep popular support, economic and social changes are the function and behavior of the government put forward new demands, new relationship between government and citizens are gradually. Reveals the government and the citizens of contemporary Chinese society, the real relationship, that government power and civil rights. Today, we build a harmonious society, when the human spirit as the basic idea, in the exercise of public power, to fulfill the functions of social management process, should be emphasized that the individual in the core of social life and to individual happiness as the ultimate goal. Harmonious society in the rule of law, the government should be optimized to serve as the guiding ideology of the exercise of management functions, improve the government in publicly funded education services, social security, public health services, technology services, public facilities and services and other aspects of the quality and level, to meet the needs of different sectors and ultimately achieve a public authority and the unity of civil rights. Therefore, this article's central argument is:contemporary Chinese society the relationship between government and civil authority of government and the essence of the relationship between civil rights, we must also pursue such a unity of government power and civil rights.In this paper, literature research, data analysis, comparative analysis and other methods of contemporary Chinese society, the real relationship between government and citizens to do the system analysis. This paper draws an important conclusion is:The new relationship between good government and citizens must be government power and civil rights of harmony and unity. As long as the transformation of government functions in place, continue to narrow the scope of government action, adjust the structure of government functions, strengthening, such as law and order, social security, basic education, macroeconomic environment, the social security system, and other basic functions of government to effectively protect the people are the masters democratic rights, in particular the right to vote, right to information, participation, expression and supervise. Further expand grassroots democracy, improve the grass-roots organizations and democratic self-management system so that the people better in the management of grass-roots public affairs. Innovative methods of work of government legislation and mechanisms to expand public participation in legislative work. Promoting the politicization of the democratic process, to construct a satisfying service-oriented government, strengthen the building of civil society, will promote the government and citizens in a positive and fruitful cooperation, and ultimately government power and civil rights of harmony and unity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Democracy, Service-oriented government, Civil Society, Political democratization
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