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On The Power Basis And Operating Mechanism Of The Public Security Authority

Posted on:2011-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305963768Subject:Legal theory
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Public Security authority is a special executive power. It has broad characteristics such as university, high power and specialization of power implementation subject. Public security authority involves in all aspects of everyday life and has close direct contact with people's lives.In this paper, the author analizes the sources, the properties, the nature and other aspects of public security functions, by combing the various factors of the power operating mechanism of the public security functions, clear up the fetters of the factors,which block the elements' fine operation, reshape the operation mechanism of the public security authority. The whole thesis includes five chapters:The first chapter elaborates the powers of the public security organs.The power of public security organs comes from the people, is decided by the objective material conditions, and has class attribute. We get the conclusion, compared with other executive powers, that public security power is a special executive power, and discuss the appropriateness and legality of public security authority from the nature of power.The second chapter introduces the operation mechanism of public security authority. The operation mechanism of public security authority refers to the elements'structure, function, process and theory of function, the relationship among them, which effect the complshment of public security authority. The structure, function, process and theory of function of subject, rules, environment and other factors play an important role to benign running of public security authority.The third chapter is devoted to introduce some extra-territorial operation modes of public security authority, according to China's national conditions, absorb the essence and discard its dross, make foreign things serve China.The forth chapter mainly describes the China's status of implementation and deficiency of public security authority. The public security organs must administrate according to law, it is not just a concept but also a concentration process. It firstly asks a set of laws and regulations, which is systematical in the form, secondly, it demands the administrators transfer the regulated laws to conceptual laws,that is to say, internalize laws to the self-concept of administrators for concepts are the criteria administrate behavior. Lastly, avoiding disadvantages is a human instinct, the natural property of enforcement body is natural person, he always tends to choose the best way for himself, thus if the enforcement body wants to continue to carry out the implementation the conceptual laws, there must be a strong force to monitor them to follow the law, to make concessions between the public interest and self-interest in order to complete the job's responsibilities.The fifth chapter reshapes the operating mechanism of public security authority. First, the reform of the public security authority. Second, the implementation of power operation mechanism that protect the public security authority. Last, master, carry out and implement the concept of law, make the behavior of police on the of balance of value. Strictly regulate the public security authority from entity laws and; improve the operation mechanism of the right of public security from procedural laws; regulate police behavior from the concept of law. Thus achieve a real sense of "the police for the public and law enforcement for people."...
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