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A Study On Talents Cultivation Model In The Second Class Of Higher Education

Posted on:2011-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330332980663Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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There is an increasing demand for innovative talents in the society, for the progressing of science and technology in the 21st century. The main problem of higher education is how to cultivate new talents with innovation. The second class is regarded as the main position for training students'quality during the teaching practice in the higher education. Expanding and deepening the second class is being the objective condition to develop students'innovative capabilities in the operational system of college students'quality cultivation, and the important stage to cultivate and improve students'innovation and quality.This thesis, basing on the theory of scientific management, is a study of talents cultivation model in the second class of higher education with a large number of specific examples, from the perspectives of internal and external models. In Chapter Two, the thesis employs documents and relevant concepts, along with theoretical analysis, to solve the problem of theory support. In Chapter Three, the thesis fully introduces the specific circumstances in the second class of the two universities; Northwest A&F University is a key university of"985 Project"and"211 Project"in our country, Xi'an University of Arts and Science is an undergraduate academy for training practical talents. It gives a comparison of the development in the second class between these two universities, with a large number of specific examples, analyses class activities and reasons for achievements, finds the problems during second class establishment and operation in our higher education, and explores some solutions. In Chapter Four, the thesis offers solutions to the above problems, in order to design valid class activities that based on students, develops scientific managements of second class operation and a new model of talents cultivation (3-6-3 innovative cultivation model). In Chapter Five, after the brief analysis to the establishment and implementation of the credit system in the second class, the thesis introduces the relationship between the system and model of the second class, the position of the second class in the higher education is approved, it points out the insufficient situation of design and participation in the second class, indicates the necessity to establish appropriate system and model for equal quality cultivation, and also creates the second class education model much more comprehensive, coordinative and cooperative, making every student to participate in campus culture and individual development path with a view to achieve the chance of quality cultivation and self-realization.
Keywords/Search Tags:The second class activities, Research, Quality cultivation
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