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The Realation Of Ability To Solve Problems And Self-monitiring About Senior High School Student

Posted on:2012-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mathematical problem solving and learning process is the high school students must have an ability. The key problem-solving research is the analysis of problem solving process. Mathematical problem solving is the condition of the two factors and conclusions, conditions and basis of known information, the conclusion is unknown, pending confirmation of the problem. Problem-solving process is the communication bridge between the conditions and conclusions, including the declarative knowledge and strategic knowledge. When a psychological problem-solving activities, is that people encounter in life caused by a conflict between approach and response strategies to find the psychological mechanism.Many factors affect the problem-solving, such as the basic knowledge and grasp of the extent of the problem-solving skills to understand the application of methods, including the ability to problem-solving activities, self-monitoring plays an important role. The so-called self-monitoring is an objective reality in order to achieve the intended purpose, the ongoing practice of the process itself as an object, keep them active and conscious planning, inspection, feedback, control and regulate the process.This paper intends to self-monitoring at home and abroad respectively, theoretical and mathematical basis of problem-solving research will combine the two, high school mathematics problem solving ability of self-monitoring ability and their degree of correlation between, and trying to make high school students to seek solutions Math problems to raise their self-monitoring ability to achieve efficient ways and means of solving problems.Cluster random sampling study to track interviews and case combination. Cluster random sampling method in which to illustrate mathematical problem solving ability and high school students self-monitoring capacity and to what extent the relevance of related issues. Interview is to verify the case tracking this paper several optimization default in order to achieve efficient self-monitoring ability of the program is reasonable and effective problem solving problems.Finally, the results of comprehensive research in two ways, Qucuqujing, discriminating. Summed up thus improve the ability of students to achieve efficient self-monitoring the feasibility of problem-solving measures:(1) develop the habit of independent study monk.(2) to carry out interactive learning mode.(3) to strengthen communication between students and discuss mathematics.(4) to strengthen the teaching of mathematical thinking.(5) note that stimulate student motivation, attribution, will, other non-cognitive factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem solving ability, self-monitoring, self-monitoring capacity
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