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Research On The Current Situation Of Training Programs In Sports And Training Major Of A Sample Of Chinese Physical Education Institutes

Posted on:2012-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330338950593Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The mission of higher education is to provide the society with qualified and skilled persons. To satisfy such a goal, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and scientific training program, which will serve as the grounds for each step in the training process. This is not only the starting point but the final destination of this program. Prime minister Wen Jiabao has distinctly pointed out in the government's work report of 2010: we would offer the universities more freedom of decision-making, to encourage them to adjust the major and curriculum settings to meet the employment needs and economic and social development requirement, to make efforts to build top-ranked universities with our distinctive features to cultivate talented personnel for our nation. Weather or not a suitable training program is employed for the sports and training major in the physical education institute, is highly correlated with the quality of its graduates, which will have a direct influence on the development of our sports fields and whole society.Through the methods of literarature stuty,survey,mathematical statistics,logical analysis,etc. Research on our part of the sports training institutions sports training programmes for undergraduate majors the statistical analysis, given the current training scenario, with the present economic and social development of sports talent demand, and ask relevant proposals.Conclusions:1,High sports school sports training in professional training objectives of the coaches and sports teacher training and research and other specialized personnel training objectives are mainly to the athletic sports, largely to the athletic sports the basic theory and basic knowledge and skills. A survey in the employment rate, the coaches of 2.6% and jobs in the sports teacher posts 29.7% of that that can be seen that sports training in professional training and employment in the graduate posts have a big difference.2,45.5% of the expert thought : training and the current economic and social development needs and 40.0% of the expert think that the present sports training and professional training "to every student of the development of" objective to meet the degree is not prepared or inaccurate. The reason may be due to the school sports training for professional training programme of reform is not pay enough attention to the extent and sports training professionals market information is accurate, we use the training scheme, therefore, should be further amended, by continue to reform the current social development needs.3,43.7% experts believe that this school of professional sports training to students to the humanistic spirit and scientific literacy in strength enough to have 85.4% experts believe it is necessary or is it necessary to implement the movement of training for professionals to develop diversified needs to adapt to the current economic and social development needs. Overall, the movement of training the students the ability of a professional quality, lead to a comprehensive quality ability is not the main reason is too narrow and training demands of the character development and innovation ability in the quality requirements, training for, diversity far too单一 化is not conducive to the students' all-round development.4,Most of our school sports programmes structure is too great importance to the development of specialized knowledge structure and ignored the comprehensive knowledge structure of the curriculum, the need for further improving the structure of course, to change the traditional "experts" modern education to the liberal arts education "and" experts "integrating the educational curriculum development and training college to improve the structure of the knowledge structure.5,Most of our sports school sports training and professional courses are taught characteristics, but there are still 9.5% of the experts believe that this school sports training in professional courses has special programmes. special programmes have not only conducive to cultivate the integrated and improve the quality of students study interest and enhance the competitiveness of the students to adapt to society.6,32.7% percent of experts believe that the present arrangement satisfactory practice link education ; 34.6% of the experts are 35.7 percent of the graduates. the present arrangement satisfactory practice link education, there is 10.7% of the graduates think not very satisfied or satisfied. Survey:53.3%. experts believe that education in practical arrangements should be reflected in the first, second,三学years on probation for centralized or intern.
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