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The Research Of Rationality About "Specially Rises This" Of The University Education In Our Country

Posted on:2008-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215494363Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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"Specially rises this" education is referred to the way of education in which with thedevelopment of the social economy graduates can enter the ordinary undergraduate coursecolleges and universities to continue to study and gain the school record of theundergraduate course level.On the basis of the pedagogy elementary theory, the paper comprehensively analyzes therationality from such three aspects as education value, its influence on the educationalstructure and the quality of education. Through specially rises this education we can select theoutstanding faculty students to enter the undergraduate course to study, which is an itemconstructs longitudinally link and the important action of crosswise communication talentedperson growth "the multi-level crossing bridge". As a unique kind of educational phenomenonat present, it can adapt to the development of the society and the economy and also manifestthe humanist idea, meanwhile it can satisfy the need of people who earnestly seek a higherlevel, the high grade education It is also beneficial to the use educational resources in theinstitutions universities and optimizing of the human resources, improving the workerquality, alleviating the employment pressure and maintaining social stability. Promoting thevocational-technical education and general education blending, is helpful to the improvementof the vocational-technical education level and effectively optimized the whole educationalstructure. The universities provide the certain safeguard for specially rises this, such asteaching and faculty condition, teaching material quality, teaching resources, evaluationcriteria, campus culture and teaching management And then it can cultivate the students whowill have higher quality and higher job opportunities and can meet the demand of the socialdevelopment.However, according to the Chinese traditional opinion theory and certificate areemphasized and practice is overlooked. The social status is decided by the certificate so somepersonnel department advertises for the high school record graduate to raise the unit the statusrather than embark from the actual need, at the beginning of origination, because of the insufficient education resources, bad education administration and unclear direction of thedevelopment colleges and universities, the education quality is not high, so that in the talentedperson market, the employment rate temporarily was inferior to the undergraduate coursegraduate. The upsurge of "specially rises this" has been initiated by this phenomena.In addition, there are some other problems in the process of its development, so peoplebegin to doubt its rationality and educational quality. In the end of the paper it put forward acouple of primary approaches and measures to develop the education of "specially rises this",which are perfecting laws and regulations system, establishing the advantageous mechanismof the "specially rises this", reforming the present professional technology undergraduatecourse and perfecting double certificate system.During the process of research the paper has utilized the diversified investigationmethods, such as the induction and the deduction, the analysis and the synthesis and theliterature law to study the educational rationality. This paper also put forward the policy andways to guarantee this education quality, which can play increasingly important role inraising the quality, gradually establishing multi-level crossing bridge between thevocational-technical education and the ordinary higher education, forming the quite perfectmodern compulsory education system and the lifelong study society.
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