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The Study On Aggression And Influencing Factors Of College Student

Posted on:2006-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y NiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152982815Subject:Applied Psychology
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objective: (1) To study the aggressive behavior and aggressive status of college students. (2) To find out the relation between aggression and family upbringing style, personality,^ self-esteem and social support. Methods: T-test was used to study the aggressive behavior and aggressive status of college students, x2 -test and liserel structure were used to explore the relation between the aggressive behavior and its various effective factors, then built up its structure model. Altogether 510 college students were tested in this way. Results: (1) Over 2/3 college students have ever committed aggression of over medium level. (2) The aggressive behavior differs in various degrees because of disparity in school, genders, urban and rural areas and falling in love or not, but some other factors, live major, only child or not and new or old students have little effect on aggressive behavior . (3) The aggressive behavior of college students had significant relation with parents, upbringing style, self-esteem ,personality and social support, among which, the related levels between aggression, self-esteem and hostility were 0.346 and 0.447(P<0.01),On the other hand ,the related levels between mood stability and aggression, anger, hostility were 0.552 and 0.571(P<0.01).From these figures, we can conclude there were significant differences. (4) While building up the aggressive behavior structure model, We found the aggressive behaviors of college students were affected directly or indirectly .Family upbringing style, social support affected the aggressive behavior of college students in different degrees though the intermediary of personal variable and self-esteem. The survey also demonstrated the direct effect of mood stability for aggression was 0.36, that meant the relation was close. Conclusion: In order to decrease aggressive things, we should strengthen college students' education and make them take on a good look to study, work and communicate.
Keywords/Search Tags:College student, aggression, family upbringing style, social support, self-esteem
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