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The Research On The Development Of Sports Management Education Beyond Humanity Sociology Of Sports

Posted on:2006-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360155456569Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With quickly development of the China's economy , more and more the chance of undertaking international sports match will be handed in China .2008's Olympic games of Beijing will bring a lot of undescribable chances and challenges in the cause of sports and the industry of sports of China. However, the Olympic "bottleneck" is come into being in some degree because the practical talent in game's organizing and management are severe lacked. Simultaneity, as a making-place of talents and a new intercross subject beyond of humanity sociology of sports, sports ' management science's development history is very short, and, the cultivating talent pattern of sports management is not perfect. According to this specialty's masters' cultivating objective and curriculum settings, this article, from an angle of realistic, analyze the present development of sports management education and talent of this specialty's cultivation. And from the cultivation's actuality, compare of curriculum settings between the internal and external education, the page bring forward the dominating limit factors of this specialty education. Without doubt, All of this research results will be sure positive significance to promote maturity of the sports management specialty education and cultivation ofprofession talent ,special graduate students------advanced professiontalent.Mainly applies literature investigating, translating, interviewing, discussing, questionnaire, statistics, reasoning and etc, the research shows such conclusions: 1) both of the present cultivation objective of university and taking up occupations of students are relative consistent, but single cultivating university's teachers is not adapted to social needs and students' occupations, and cultivating sports industry's management talents that suit to market economy development is a trend. Students' occupations apt to various, cultivation objective must be more perfect various. 2) The structure of curriculum settings must perfect: Classifying...
Keywords/Search Tags:sports management specialty education, master curriculum provision, humanity sociology of sports, cultivation objective
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