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A Master’ Degree In Sports Sociology And Humanities Curriculum Research

Posted on:2016-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330461955762Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Curriculum specifies the type of graduate courses, content, etc. and its quality directly related to the quality of graduate education, improve the sports humanities and sociology professional master graduate student curriculum quality, make it more reasonable, is the need for in-depth study of a subject.Paper in 5 colleges and universities in Beijing received a master’s degree in sports sociology and humanities (training types are academic) curriculum as the research subject, by consulting relevant literature, summary and analysis of the predecessors’research, theory basis and design expert interview outline, and combined with several experts’ advice and Suggestions designed this professional student questionnaire, 5 colleges and universities to the professional master’s graduate students and 34 were 145 reading master’s graduates, the questionnaire survey of six interview this professional expert teachers and administrative staff, will be the result of questionnaire and interview for data analysis and processing. Understand the professional curriculum of the current basic situation, find the existing problems, analyze the causes, and put forward optimization scheme for this professional curriculum.Research conclusions:this research is divided into three parts to discuss.The first part through five schools training plan and the questionnaire, based on a few basic elements:based on the curriculum course content, course structure to this professional graduate student curriculum present situation investigation.Schools of different resources, talents cultivation idea of different, such as the curriculum is different.A master’s degree in the second part summarizes the problems existing in the curriculum and the reason analysis. The following problems: training target positioning is not clear; Old course content, not only embodies innovative and practical degree is not enough, the degree of depth and breadth of the course content is not enough; Course structure political proportion is too large, professional direction course proportion is too small, lack of interdisciplinary curriculum; The cause of these problems include:the lack of in-depth interpretation of the training target, teachers’ negative attitude, professional size restrictions and school differences in type, etc.The third part from the several basic elements of the curriculum, the curriculum optimization path is put forward, including:clear orientation training target, colleges should further understand social talented person’s demand, in-depth interpretation and flexible use of training objectives; Course content must reflect dynamic, innovative and applied, both must have the breadth and depth, focus on the principle of multidisciplinary cross. Course structure to rationalization, and to make the curriculum diversification, conditional schools should actively implement the secondary school curriculum management, etc.
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