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The Pattern Transforming Expecting Our Country Male Person Football Reserve Personnel Training Current Situation And Developing Studies

Posted on:2008-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212495119Subject:Physical Education and Training
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A country football level, football culture detail and football reserve talented person culture are vitally interrelated , football reserve talented person culture is also football future development trend strategy problem at the same time. Our country has rectified the specially appointed history period transforming in a society , socialist market economy has substituted original planned economy , new change happened in football reserve personnel training form also surely.The main body of a book have taken that society rotates type theory as basis , have analysed the planned economy period and have transformed expecting our country male person football reserve personnel training current situation the respective characteristic. At the same time, count the result inquiring into the culture book , carry out the number reason statistics, the personnel training current situation and the factor developing carry out analysis on the reserve affecting our country. Finally, new system brings forward first step idea to structuring our country male person football reserve personnel training. The main body of a book is sold at reduced prices by the fact that document data law , the questionnaire inquiring into law , expert interview law gaining statistical method and logical method studying a data , adopt the number reason to be in progress to material.Reach the following conclusion:1 The present stage effect our country male person football reserve personnel training current situation major factor has: Policy with the system factor , society economy factor , coach factor , concept factor , science and technology factor.2 Transform expecting our country football reserve personnel training pattern: Respond to general melt on the train objective: Way should adopt the body to teach union in form in organization; Respond to on the mode of financing with oneself raise give first place to, the government to hold out being subsidiary; In further perfect and perfect process of legal system, improve the environment cultivating; The unit cultivating should reinforce self's construction.3 Our country not advancing with time , not building a set of the society's culture system adapting to a nowadays in the respect of building football reserve personnel training system.4 In being compared with the advanced abroad football level country,football of our country reserve personnel training there exists a lot of abuse in system.5 The channel is narrow in the field of football reserve personnel training mode of financing , great majority occupation club growth is immature , the unable complete ego hematopoiesis, can not assume sole responsibility for its own profits or losses on economy , the reserve force culture can not become the main body in our country football reserve personnel training as far as the present stage be concerned , still in occupation-rization.6 Level training our country male person football reserve talented person coach educational background population insist to hang down , do not have competitive system in the respect of going to post.7 Still depending on experience mainly in the respect of selecting material , not having made use of modern science and technology.
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